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When is this service neccesary or required by law?
  • When a real property is exchanged in the united states. This service protects the buyer, the seller, and the real estate agent regarding ethical violations for real estate transfers when a weapons type is known to be used in a community, town, or city; and specifically, where aknowledging that weapon or other hazard in the area to parties of such agreement to transfer a real piece of property (land and/or structure) is a requirement by law. The verification process is public, the tools and process are not private, and this product provides as a service a professional location endeavour based on the capability of the contracting parties as enumnerated by franchise agreement in fifty US states. It is not by "secret" or "controlled trade" practice that this service is made neccessary or required by law.
  • A realtor is required to do what is "readily achievable with reasonable effort and expense" to serve clients and those with disabilities regarding property transactions.

What is the penalty for failing to inform persons of a real property transfer about these deployments?
  • Penalty for not reporting the hazard or abusive 24/7 monitoring and media commentray enabled by deployments against property occupants to parties of a real estate transaction, and where the deployments are found targeting communties, schools, or corrupting an elections process the new occupant would use to select public adminstartion officials, include, but are not limited to: White House Executive Order.
  • Ethics violations for realtors. Ethics regarding property transfers resulting in disciplinary action and/or removal of licensing for professionals.
  • Not limited to hiding or protecting "grass roots" property and polcitical rackets or antitrust violations that are targeting or affecting current or potential property occupants.

The Product(s) membership currently supports.

Process 1: Single Property up to one acre.
  • Perimeter check property.
  • If perimter check is clean, you are issued clean certificate. This proves by scientific analysis any pattern deployment was not in place during the sales process and displaces liability to the contractor making the search for YES or NO. COndition: Only when NO is issued is a certificte issued, and after series of random checks occuring over 3 random selected days.
  • If perimeter check is not clean, and tool does produce a map. You will be provided with the maps for you property and those other properties where the deployment hardware can be found.
  • The map will be digitized and visible for surveyors. A hand tool is provided in the package, with instruction you will also be able to use to verify just like the men you paid. You are empowered to check the work.
  • A DVD of all reported crop dusters filmed targeting the community or town will be provided.
  • Other combination product can be obtained.
  • Price is $299USD

Service Agreements
  • Free for thirty days after service is complete.
  • Learn about extended service arrangements for one or more properties and projects. (more random checks to keep problem away or track area)
  • Learn about company specific information you can use, for you local town or lawyer retain if it is needed.

  • A civilian effort is required to resolve this deployment problem short, intermediate, and long term. If this is a conflict, and in each of 69 communities idenitfied to date and where only a few are indicated here online, it will emerge during location and disarm manuevers. Our technicans will take ownership of the "yes or no" ascertation regarding a deployment on your property or in your area when the hand tool the customer, and our team, use to locate and confirm it makes the same map; not damages the result of a fight to remove these deployments. This statement concering damages is not limited to damages from conflcit, legal manuevers, cruise missiles, chemical testing or clean-up, weapons removal, use of other professional contractors the result of first location, and/or other chemical, biological, and atomic weapons uses threatened by remote or local media delivery operations on these lines or from compromised media systems in your area connected to them.
  • In the area of Ormond Beach, FL, the media uses the lines to emphasize content, and to advise verbally when the crop dusters in the sky need to be filmed. Our advice: Disarm the experience.

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